Step 1: Figure out your financials
Step 2: Start the Home Search
Step 3: Putting in an offer
Step 4: Home Inspection
Step 5: Inspection Contingency
Step 6: Closing & Packing
Step 7: Key delivery and celebration
Do you need a mortgage or are you paying cash?
A custom color property brochure will be created
Discuss closing costs with your lender.
Be sure to get a pre-approval letter before starting your home search.
Find a real estate professional that is the best fit for you and your needs.
Discuss the type of home you’re looking for, including style, price & location.
As the home buyer, your agent’s commission is paid for by the seller of the home. This means your representation costs you nothing!
Be sure to keep in mind your budget and what features are deal breakers.
Do not be afraid to lean on your agent for advice and support.
Buying a home can be a scary process, but with the right agent, it does not have to be!
Agent will prepare the offer based on price and terms you choose.
In most cases, the contract provides you with a timeline to obtain financing, as well as time to inspect the physical condition of the home.
Your agent will inform you of all your rights and responsibilities related to the contract.
Be sure to get a pre-approval letter before starting your home search.
Don’t forget your pre-approval letter when it is time to put in an offer and earnest money deposit to show good faith.
Don’t be afraid to negotiate
Are there any contingencies, etc.
Provide escrow with title information.
Review disclosures and conduct inspections.
Meet deadlines and remove contractual contingencies.
Your offer has been accepted, now time to get the home inspected.
Make an appointment with a home inspector – if you need recommendations, we are happy to provide some.
This is a great time for you to take measurements, take pics and ask questions!
We suggest always getting a radon & sewer inspection in addition to the regular home inspection.
A custom property website will be created
A custom color property brochure will be created
If there are issues that arise in the home inspection, it is best to get an estimate for the repair.
Again, our team is happy to put you in touch with once of our trusted vendors.
Work with the seller to see what repairs they will cover.
Once accepted, confirm with your lender that appraisal has been ordered (if needed) and address any issues/repairs.
Make sure closing date is on schedule.
Request copies of closing statements before closing.
Bring ID, certified funds and any other documents needed.
Set up a mover and beginning packing up for your new home!
Get homeowner’s insurance, change your address through the post office.
Transfer utilities in your name once you take possession.
Get the keys!
Congratulations! You can now move in and enjoy your new home!




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Cindy’s clients benefit from these accolades as well as her real estate knowledge, her excellent negotiation skills, her long standing and strong relationships with agents, top real estate attorneys and community members.